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  • FAQs of colored stainless steel

    JINBAICHENG METAL is the Stainless steel coil Manufacturer, stainless steel Stockholder,  Exporter In CHINA.    1.Can you add color to stainless steel? The answer is yes! You can color stainless steel using a variety of methods that will give you the exact look and feel that you are going for. So...
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  • Different process on the surface of stainless steel

    Stainless steel coil Manufacturer, stainless steel plate/sheet Stockholder, SS coil/ strip Exporter In CHINA.    1.Electropolishing It is an electrochemical process that allows to decrease the surface roughness. We can imagine it as a kind of “reverse plating”. Basically, we can remove the s...
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  • What is welded Pipe/Tube?

    What is welded Pipe/Tube?

    Welded Pipe/ Tube Tubing Manufacturer, Stockholder,Welded Pipe supplier, Exporter In CHINA.   1.General introduction Welded steel pipe is a kind of pipe with steel pipe joints on the surface, which is formed by bending steel strip or steel plate material into round, square, etc., and then we...
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  • What is stainless steel coil 

    What is stainless steel coil 

      Stainless steel coil Manufacturer, stainless steel plate/sheet Stockholder, SS coil/ strip Exporter In CHINA.    Stainless steel is initially produced in slabs, which are then put through a conversion process using a Z mill, which converts the slab into coil prior to further rolling. ...
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  • What is SSAW pipe/tube?

    What is SSAW pipe/tube?

    SSAW Pipe/ Tube Tubing Manufacturer, Stockholder,SSAW Pipe, supplier Exporter In CHINA.   1.General introduction SSAW steel pipe is also known as the Spiral Submerged- Arc Welded Steel Pipe that is a type of spirally welded steel pipe produced by using the double-sided submerged arc welding ...
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  • What is PPGL?

    What is PPGL?

    PPGL Manufacturer, Stockholder, supplier, PPGL Exporter In CHINA.   1.General introduction of PPGL PPGL,stands for Pre-painted galvalume steel,is also known as prepainted galvalume steel coil, with a galvalume steel sheet as a substrate. PPGL or pre-painted galvalume steel coil, is coated wi...
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  • What is Spiral Pipe/tube?

    What is Spiral Pipe/tube?

    Spiral Pipe/ Tube Tubing Manufacturer, Stockholder, Spiral Pipe supplier Exporter In CHINA.   1.GENERAL INTRODUCTION OF SPIRAL PIPE Spiral pipe, also known as spiral steel pipe or spiral welded pipe, is made by rolling a low-carbon structural steel or low-alloy structural steel strip into a ...
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  • What is seamless steel pipe? Where are they used?

    What is seamless steel pipe? Where are they used?

    Seamless steel Tube/Pipe/Tubing Manufacturer, SMLS Steel Tubes Stockholder, SMLS PIPE Tubing supplier, Exporter In CHINA.   Why is it called seamless steel pipe   Seamless steel pipe is made of whole metal and has no joint on the surface. According to the production method, seamless pipe i...
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  • What is PPGI?

    What is PPGI?

    PPGI Manufacturer, Stockholder, supplier PPGI Exporter In CHINA.   PPGI is pre-painted galvanised iron, also known as pre-coated steel, coil coated steel, color coated steel etc., typically with a hot dip zinc coated steel substrate. The term is an extension of GI which is a traditional abbr...
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